The recent cyber attack on eBay showed how easy it was for hackers to gain access entry into IT companies. This should serve as a wake up call for many other tech companies to conduct a through check on their online security. Apparently, eBay did to seem to know that their servers had already been breached by hackers until the recent discovery. Well, that seems a tad bit too late if you ask me as loads of information would have already been copied off by the infiltrators.

This is also a wake up call for some of the best online ecommerce software companies out there to quickly make sure that their customers’ accounts are still secure in order for them to continue doing business as usual. Because many merchants rely on these ecommerce software providers as their online stores are usually hosted on their servers.

Basically any company that is doing any form of ecommerce should be on the alert. Even payment gateways like PayPal, 2CheckOut, and others have to be vigilant since many credit card information is passed through their servers every day. To have a look at some of the top ecommerce software company, click here

The last thing that customers want is to find out that their credit card information has been stolen and is being used by other people to make unauthorized purchases while all the bills get sent to them. Last year’s breach of security suffered by Target was a huge setback that rocked the company.

Even now, eBay is sending out notices asking their customers to have their passwords changed. Important rule of thumb is to make sure that all your passwords are not shared across the board by different accounts as this will only make it easier for hackers to gain access to your other accounts.

This is also a grim reminder to consumers out there who constantly shop online that they need to be careful with their personal email addresses and passwords. While many will usually use a safe payment gateway to process their payment, many still do not take enough secure measures to ensure that their personal data is protected.

While technology has advanced so well until you can basically shop for anything you want just by using your mobile phone or tablet, consumers need to be reminded that in the event that any of their devices are stolen, they need to have a list of email addresses, passwords, credit cards and personal bank account locked down.

Here’s a short video on shopping online that’s a good reminder on what users should and should not do :


Google Now

I like the fact that the tech world keeps evolving. Particularly when the updates and improvement are introduced to make it easier for you to remember stuff and get things done.

Well, some may argue with the fact that they would like their privacy protected after what Edward Snowden revealed about all the data collection that’s been going on.

Anyway, let’s focus on the positive present day changes. Our favorite tech companies that are constantly trying to outdo each other have to keep introducing new features to stay ahead of the game. Google recently updated their search application by adding a reminder in a form of a Google Now card.

You know how easy it is for Amazon to send you an email to remind you of what products you recently browsed through on their site? Well, it’s basically the same concept except that Google has a wider search database of information to draw from.

For instance, you could have been searching for a particular product. Or maybe you actually bought that product. The search engine keeps that info and provides the reminder in the form of a Google Now card if there’s a store nearby that has the same product that you had purchased or are looking for.

Neat. Not sure about what you guys think but it’s pretty smart provided you allow Google to access your location. Some may not like the fact that Google keeps a record of all the searches that they’ve made.

Here’s a short video on how Google Now works :

However, some of the best ecommerce software providers out there think that this will also benefit their merchants. That is provided that their merchants have gotten their SEO done properly so that Google is able to index their online stores to help consumers locate the exact products and services that they are offering.

This brings a whole new dimension to helping consumers find the products and services based on their location using their search results history. So eventually, your mobile phone will end up reminding you about products or services that you may have forgotten about if you happen to be near a shop that has them on offer!

So if you’re planning to sell stuff online, check out some of the best ecommerce software providers here to set up your web store. Remember to also signup for Google Places as the search features are now more location based to help consumers find their stuff fast.


Conversion Specialist Who Improves Website Conversion

Conversion Specialist

Looking for a really good conversion specialist can be quite a difficult task these days. What with so many people offering to be an expert in the area. You may not have the time, funds or energy to do everything on your own. Getting one’s website to rank and be visible online is quite a task and not as easy as compared to last time.

Many will tell you that they are able to help you improve your conversion rates. However, few will actually make the time to have a complete look at your website and online business in order to offer you valuable advice on what are the areas that require fixing or improvement.

Most business owners are also scared to divulge their business information to those that they do not trust. So if you’re planning on engaging the services of a conversion specialist, it’s good to do a bit of background check to see what kind of experience they have that will convince you of their expertise.

Obviously if you are going to go with a young rookie who just started a year or two ago with absolutely no experience in selling online, chances are slim that they will be able to help you make your site more visible. Choosing a reliable conversion specialist would require you to see their work experience and how long they have been in the ecommerce industry helping people sell more.

You also want to make sure that there is a really good comparison before and after you engage their services to help make your site more visible. As in there needs to be an increase in your online sales as proof that their advice or work is bearing fruit.

It would be unrealistic if you expect your online sales to spike within a few days of engaging their services. Be cautious though on how they get it done as you do not want to have your website penalize by Google later for bad links to questionable sites.

Most of the time, online business owners who are already making money online would like to make more. However, once they hit a plateau, they are usually at their wits end on how to break out of it. That’s where they need a conversion specialist who can help improve their conversion rates so they can break into higher ground.

If you need to get in touch with one, click here to find out more.


Top Hosted Ecommerce Software Review

Top Hosted Ecommerce Software Providers

Many new merchants who are planning to set up their very own online business may not know which hosted ecommerce software provider to use to power their online business. Neither do many of them realize that they could easily get a good comparison by visiting some of the prominent top hosted ecommerce software review sites which will help provide a better overview on what’s available in the market.

So what basically happens is that many merchants will just a simple search online to see what are the available hosted shopping cart software providers out there. You guessed it. The main thing that they normally want to compare is the pricing followed by what type of features that is offered by these providers.

A lot of them do not know what it is like using these shopping carts yet until they sign up for the free trial. Not only that, but if you’re completely new to the ecommerce experience, you’d be at a lost on what are the features that are vital for your business to use. Having a pretty online store is not enough to get you customers. You need to make sure that your store’s SEO is set up properly.

Not only that but you want to make sure you avoid all the crazy experience that some merchants or reviewers have gone through so that you do not need to waste time trying to figure them out. At least there’s a guide along with a whole bunch of warnings to help you! I wished I had learned about all these review sites earlier as I could have avoided a whole bunch of mistakes and bad choices on products and services that I had chosen.

But that’s the past. Let’s move on with the now. If you’re planning to get your own online business started or planning to even switch service providers, just make sure you take the time to check out the review sites. Here’s one that I would recommend

Other than that, you want to try your best to avoid all the hidden and unnecessary fees that are levied by some of these ecommerce solutions providers. They can rack up to quite an amount if you’re not careful. Especially when every profit counts. You’d also want to know what are the really good stuff that will help you as merchant especially when it won’t cost you a single cent. So check out these hosted ecommerce software reviews and make the right choice.


With so many different hosted shopping cart software providers out there to pick from, what makes InstanteStore any different? Most of the time, new merchants are more interested in the subscription pricing per month. A check with all the other popular ecommerce solutions clearly showed that most of them were offering really low subscription fees. I had a look at the pricing offered by InstanteStore and at around $20 a month for their Startup package, it was considered cheap and affordable.

For those who are rushing for time to set up their own online store as fast as possible, you will find this shopping cart to be quite easy to use. Their admin Panel look somewhat like my iPhone with lots of colorful icons. So if you basically have a smartphone or tablet, you will know how to use the Admin panel. Hover your cursor at any of the icons and you’ll be able to see the drop down list of action items that you could try out. Simple and yet different than the rest of the service providers out there.

While other ecommerce software may offer only 2 weeks of free trial, the InstanteStore review shows that the company offers 30 days free without any commitment. This should be more than enough time for any new beginner to build their online store whether they are just starting out or are migrating from other platforms. The more seasoned merchants out there will find their pricing plan quite competitive and reasonable with some freebies like design credit and SEO credit thrown in. Pricing Pricing

Apparently they have quite a number of cool features that are integrated to help merchants sell more. Like for newbies who may not even have any products to begin with, they will find popular drop shipper Doba to be really useful as there are more than a million products to pick from to sell in your online store. And since the bulk of sellers out there usually use PayPal or Google Checkout, I was quite impressed with the fact that InstanteStore actually has more than 80 payment processors integrated in order to cater to international clients as well. Pretty cool.

Anyway, with so many features integrated and available for merchants to use, this power-packed ecommerce solution has all the tools to help any business owner build a good online site. And even if you don’t use their solution, you could always download their free Live Chat software to use on any of your website to help communicate with your customers. Nice of them to offer it for free. If you want to know more, check out the review here as it’s quite comprehensive.

I’ve also found an interesting short video which I think you’ll find useful :


GoDaddy Review – Hosting, Domain Or Website Builder?


Finding a hosting company is pretty easy. Most people I know would choose GoDaddy since this company happens to be one of the largest domain registrar and hosting provider in the world. While there are many reasons for people to set up their own online site, either way, they will still need a company to host their site.

So if you’re thinking of putting together your very own personal or company website from scratch, you may also want to consider the time factor. Do you even have the software and skills to get that done? Those who don’t have the time would usually pay some professional website designers to get that sorted out for them. Another thing to consider would be the purpose of your website. If it is purely for information purpose that you are putting it up, then you just need a good hosting company in which GoDaddy would be more than enough since the company charge a reasonable price for hosting.

However, if you’re planning to set up a little online store to sell products be it physical goods or downloadable software, music or movies, then it would be wise to get a hosted shopping cart software which comes with all the bells and whistles. That way, you could easily kill two birds with one stone. Actually, you could get more done that way.

If it’s just a small little online store with a few products, you just need a real basic ecommerce solution. Before you subscribe, check out the GoDaddy review on their website builder so that you could get a clear idea on what they are offering and also what to watch out for.

Although you may find the pricing for their subscription truly irresistible, it’s also good to know what’s covered. Some times the cheapest option may not be the best option especially if you need crucial tools to grow your business further and these are not found in the cheaper packages offered by the hosted shopping cart software provider.

GoDaddy Website Builder Pricing

GoDaddy Website Builder Pricing


Anyway, back to the kill two birds with one stone thingy. Other than hosting and a good, reliable shopping cart software to run your online store, you would also need to have your company domain name registered. So you could get all that done with GoDaddy. Other people may prefer to use alternative ecommerce solution providers like Shopify, 3DCart, Volusion or even InstanteStore as these companies have more comprehensive features.

Basically, it’s up to your business needs. Most people may only look for GoDaddy to have their domain name registered, others may only want hosting while a number of them may opt for all 3 – hosting, domain registrar and shopping cart software. Check out the GoDaddy review here on their website builder

I also discovered that they sell SSL certificates which is quite a bonus as well. More on that later.

Meanwhile, here’s a short GoDaddy video that you could check out :


Pinnacle Cart Review – Mobile Commerce

Pinnacle Cart Mobile Commerce

Pinnacle Cart happens to be one of the unique ecommerce solution provider that I’ve come across. While most of the major shopping cart software providers have jumped on the mobile commerce bandwagon by offering their merchants the ability to have their online store mobile optimized so that customers and online shoppers could view their respective stores easily, Pinnacle Cart went a step further. Their mobile commerce feature can with a QR code generator.

I chanced upon this when reading through a Pinnacle Cart review recently. While many ecommerce software providers are quick to offer mobile sites on top of their normal online sites, Pinnacle Cart not only added a QR Code generator for their merchants to use but they have also enable their clients to create two different types of QR Code. Pretty smart I would say. The first type would be a QR code of their actual product whereby anyone with a smart phone or tablet could take a picture of the QR code and be directed to the product site.

The second type of QR code would enable customers to add the product to their shopping cart before they complete the entire purchase. Once a merchant turns on the QR code feature, the solution will generate the 2 types of QR code for each product item in their store. Simple and straightforward. This will save the merchant time so that they do not need to look for a QR Code generator outside of the ecommerce solution since it has been integrated. To get a rundown on Pinnacle Cart, check out their review here

With the rise in mobile commerce as evidently seen in the number of online transactions that went on during last year recent holiday online shopping sales, more and more businesses are rushing to get their stores mobile optimized. Either companies and businesses embrace this quickly or they risk being left behind as consumers have shown clearly their preference in the number of smartphone and tablet sales that continue to rise year on year.

In fact, while consumers are waiting to see the latest technological gadgets from tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon, small and medium size businesses need to be in the loop so that they will know what consumers want and continue to stay in the game. Likewise, ecommerce shopping cart software providers will need to beef up the features in their software so that their clients can reach more customers who like to shop online.


Top Ecommerce Software Innovation – Mobile Commerce

Last year saw a huge market increase for tablets and smart phones. Thanks to Apple and Samsung, both leading the pack when each introduced better tablets and smartphones to grab more market share. However, for the top ecommerce software innovation or feature that continued to gain huge momentum, it would have to be mobile commerce.

Previously, consumers and critics were rather sceptical when it came to purchasing products via smart phones. They were rather worried about security breaches and whether any of their confidential payment information would get scrapped or sniffed by hackers. Well all of that some how went away when it came to the holiday shopping season.

According to, the Thanksgiving shopping weekend figures showed that consumers went over the roof when it came to buying products online. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday figures for 2012 surpassed those of 2011 showing strong consumer spending. By the way, it’ not a trickle but a whole deluge of money that were transacted on both days.

Online Holiday Sales 2012 by

Online Holiday Sales 2012 by

Black Friday 2012 saw a whopping $1.042 billion worth of online transactions while Cyber Monday pulled in the biggest figure of $1.46 billion. Guess this figure is more than the gross income of some countries in the world. The power of online shopping and a millions of people who are not afraid to shop online!

Even eBay and PayPal reported huge earnings for the whole of last year 2012. Majority of signups and transactions came in the fourth quarter itself blowing away their forecast results.

And what do we have to thank for this? Mobile commerce. And also all the top ecommerce software providers that enabled their merchants and sellers to offer their products to customers via their smartphones. Most shoppers these days have no problem making purchases with their smartphones. It has become so amazingly convenient. And online shopping is definitely here to stay. Ecommerce has been evolving so well that now, anyone could buy any product online as long as the seller is willing to accept the payment and ship the stuff to the address provided.

So whether you are going to consider improving your current online business or wish to start your own site selling products, remember to have your website mobile optimized. This will allow those with smartphones to see your products easily and hopefully make a purchase any time. Most of the major shopping cart software providers offer this feature as part of the subscription package.

If you are unsure on which ecommerce solution to pick, check out the top ecommerce software providers here and get going. Remember to also make use of their mobile commerce features.



Top Ecommerce Software

Some of the best ecommerce software providers in the industry are forging ahead this year to reap in more profits than last year. As more people sign up to use these ecommerce solutions to start new online businesses, these shopping cart software providers are bringing in more innovation and features by partnering with other application developers.

Who would have thought that you could make a living by just opening an online store? While many may have failed because of lack of knowledge on how to go about it, there are also those who have succeeded. And those who have succeeded are going to keep getting better as they fine tune their marketing strategies. While Google may be constantly revamping their search results algorithm, those who are hard at work in the online business will somehow overcome whatever obstacles they have to face to succeed.

Looking at how some of the top ecommerce software providers are slashing their subscription prices to gain more new sign ups, it looks like they are going to keep getting a lot of people trying out their ecommerce solution. Will we see better ways and guidance for these new sign ups to help them succeed?

The online shopping scenario is so competitive these days. One of the thoughts that constantly come to my mind would be how these small and medium sized online businesses fight against the bigger retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon and eBay? Yet I’m quite amazed that many sites not only survive but even offer better products and services that reach out to niche markets. Guess this where many new online businesses can make money.

With so many different emerging markets opening up and going online, there are tonnes of people who are getting connected every day. Take India and China for example. The middle income earners have enough shopping power to run an entire country’s economy with their purchasing power. All that needs to be done is to offer them what they would want to buy at a good price and make online shopping and shipping convenient.

Also, don’t spend too much time building your online store. Get the traffic and conversion you need and get ready for a really exciting year. To find out more about the top ecommerce software providers, click here




Tumblr Bought Up By Yahoo, Better Things To Come


The recent news that Yahoo has acquired Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion sent quite a lot of shock waves around the Internet community. We could probably guess what’s on the minds of major Tumblr users. They’re all afraid that Yahoo will mess up their favorite blog spot. I don’t really blame them. There’s been a lot of acquisitions going on among the top tech companies. There’s the race to control popular sites that have huge memberships and the key word is growth.

If you notice that most of the sites that were bought up were actually growing by leaps and bounds when it came to user sign ups and usage. Photo-sharing, social media, blogs, news, people enjoy catching up on the latest information via easy to use apps and social media networks. Users want to be more engaging. They want to see more beautiful images.

In fact, I won’t be surprised if one of the companies offered to buy up Pinterest. You could tell that people enjoy looking at awesome images that are being pinned and shared by millions of people around the world. And they love the fact that it’s free.

So with Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr, I have no doubt that under Marissa Mayer’s leadership, Yahoo will make Tumblr even better. We just need to wait and see what is the result of this major acquisition. Looking at Mayer’s track record and how she has been hard at work turning Yahoo around since becoming their CEO, users of Yahoo and Tumblr will be able to benefit much.

Personally, I like the improvements that Mayer had introduced to Yahoo Mail, Yahoo’s homepage and the recent Yahoo Weather is just beautiful. But let’s get real here. If Yahoo is going to pay $1.1 billion for Tumblr, it will want to make some money back from it. Maybe not this year but by next year, the cookie jar would have started to fill up to justify this big spend.

And just how are they going to make money from it? In terms of ads which Yahoo has to tread carefully in order to avoid an exodus of Tumblr users. Time will tell but we’re expecting better things to come for both companies.



MarketPlace Fairness Tax

You wonder why people actually enjoy doing their shopping online these days as compared to going to the physical brick and mortar shops? Well, other than the fact that they don’t have the time to walk all over the place to do their shopping and they much prefer to receive their purchases sent directly to their door step. And the best part is that they get to compare prices with all the different merchant offering the same product that they are looking for in order to get the best bang for their buck.

So what’s with the recent uproar in the ecommerce community? There’s a new tax coming to town which is making it’s way to becoming reality soon. It’s called the Marketplace Fairness Act. Basically, if this gets through, online sellers will be forced by the states to collect taxes from online sellers who buy from them. This is of course bad news to both consumers and online sellers. Many are of course opposed to this as they foresee that many online customers may not want to buy from them any more if this bill is implemented.

As of now, Amazon is already charging sales tax to customers. That got on my nerves as I purchased a few items to be sent to friends in New York and discovered to my horror that I had to pay sales tax which I didn’t have to do before. Guess I should still be thankful that I got free shipping from Amazon. But with states struggling for revenue, this seems to be the best option for them to get some much needed boost if it is approved. We’re talking about $22 – 24 billion that goes uncollected yearly from all the online transactions.

Even eBay jumped on the bandwagon by desperately emailing their millions of customers who are selling online to get in touch with their local congressmen to oppose this bill.

In reality, many conservative business have already gone bust as they could not compete with the growth of online ecommerce stores. Those that are still in business face stiff competition as many consumers visit them to get an idea of the price before comparing the same item online where they usually make the purchase without having to pay any sales tax. It’s called showrooming.

Looks like we’ll find out what happens by the end of the week.


After Evernote Got Hacked, Which Company Will Be Next?


There seems to be a lot of news on American companies being hacked in the past few weeks since January. Before Evernote got hacked, news were already flying that other big companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook had been hacked and the source of the attacks were coming from Chinese hackers. While the normal layperson may be wondering why a bunch of Chinese hackers have nothing better to do than to break into some of these top US companies, the question remains on what were they actually looking for?

Some think that they just want to show the US their hacking abilities. Others think that they are looking for the ‘secret sauce’ of these top US companies in order to replicate them back home. Heard that one of the companies that got hacked was producing paint and they went out of business because their secret paint formula was stolen and replicated by other paint factories.

In this day and age, companies need to be more vigilant in enforcing stringent security checks. Apparently, Evernote had to reset 50 million users’ passwords which is quite an inconvenience to users. News also reported that the attacks could have also come from eastern Europe.

Anyway, to balance things off a bit, it would be quite unfair to blame the Chinese or Europeans. Just because news broke that the source of hacking seems to be coming from China doesn’t mean the United States or other developed countries haven’t been snooping around either. Maybe they were found out but not exposed? And with social media helping more people to open up about themselves and giving information to social sites, it is just a matter of time before a new wave of cyber terrorism emerges.

Wonder which company will be next after Evernote? By the way, Zendesk which is a customer support tool also got hacked. The result was that clients using Zendesk like Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter were affected as email addresses of their clients were exposed.

Hope the US tech companies are tightening their online security. Because the next wave of hacking may not be to steal more information. It may be to implant deadly viruses that could compromise the safety of citizens in any country. Till then, time to reset our passwords.